Twitter Asks Users For Help With New Privacy Features


Twitter recently shared concepts for four features that give users more control over who can see their accounts and read what they write. Twitter now seeks feedback from its users for these concepts.

The first of these features makes it easier for users with private accounts to make their tweets visible when replying to people who don’t follow them. When users whose accounts are private, respond to people who do not follow them, this reply may not be visible. Twitter will allow users to quickly unlock their accounts.

Another new feature is the kind that will help those who have more than one account. Twitter’s “human experience designer” Lena Emara demonstrated an interface element that allows users to switch accounts via the new tweet creation screen. A new interface element makes it possible for users to see the name, nickname and privacy status of their accounts on a single screen.

The other two concepts shared by Emara focus on privacy. One of them will regularly check if users are satisfied with the current speech and discoverability settings. The second feature gives a hint of a system that will notify users that their names are being searched.

When Twitter showcased its concept features for the last time, it stated that ideas that can’t be shared have not been built yet. It should be noted that it is possible that the micro-blogging service will not mature them.


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