Twitter Announces Safe Mode, An Abusive Content Blocker


That on Twitter they have a serious problem with abuse, hate speech, bullying campaigns and trolls is sadly obvious. There is moderation, but sometimes it is not as fast and / or effective as it should be.

And for this reason, the social network has presented its new safe mode, a security functionality in tests that automatically blocks abusive content on the platform so that the user does not see it, including harmful language, hateful comments, repetitive or not. desired.

Twitter Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a function that allows you to temporarily block for seven days “those accounts that use potentially harmful language such as insults or hateful comments, or those that send repetitive and unwanted responses or mentions.” When the feature is enabled in your Settings, Twitter’s systems will “assess the likelihood of a negative interaction” by considering both the content of the Tweet and the relationship between the author of the Tweet and the respondent.

According to Twitter, “our technology takes into account existing relationships, so the accounts you follow or interact with frequently will not be automatically blocked.” The authors of Tweets that the social network considers harmful or uninvited will be automatically blocked, which means that they will temporarily not be able to follow your account, view your Tweets or send you Direct Messages.

You can find information on flagged Tweets through Safe Mode and view the details of temporarily blocked accounts at any time. Before the end of the seven-day Safe Mode period, you will receive a notification with this information.


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