Twitter Announces New Security Feature


Twitter has implemented a new security feature that it announced in March. Twitter will now allow key setting.

Twitter is increasing its security measures. The platform will now allow a security key to be set with the two-factor authentication method.

In March, Twitter said it would allow using two-factor authentication as a security key. The social media giant announced that it has launched the feature it shared the other day, both on mobile and on the web.

Twitter: “2FA could be our new security method”

In its announcement, the platform said, “Today we are adding the option to use security keys as your only 2FA method. Security keys can now be your single and two-factor authentication method on mobile and web.”

In recent years, Twitter has added a number of features to improve login security. In 2017, the company expanded beyond SMS adding support for authentication apps like Google Authenticator and Authy. In 2019, however, the company allowed enabling two-factor authentication without providing a phone number. The change in question can be seen as a positive change, considering the SIM swapping attacks.

Using a security key as one of the two-factor authentication methods is not a new feature. However, now it will be possible to turn it into a single key if desired. Physical security keys have an advantage over other two-factor methods such as an authentication or SMS. Because it is not possible to trust a code that a bad actor can intervene.


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