Twitter announces new features for groups


In recent times, Twitter has been studying ways to become a more robust social network, offering better integration between users and even offering premium content. Leaks even pointed to the implementation of charges for the removal of advertisements and verification of accounts, in addition to the use of Tweetdeck, a tool for managing multiple accounts.

Today, the social network officially announces news that follows precisely this line, in order to drastically modify the way in which users interact. The new features were announced during the platform investor meeting and include Communities, payment methods and account registration in the form of “Super Follows”.

Communities closely resembles the role of Facebook groups, allowing users to come together to address a specific issue. In the presentation, Twitter revealed its intention to make Communities an experiment to facilitate the formation, discovery and participation of people in more relevant conversations according to their interests.

Also according to the social network, the tool will act as an extension of the Topics, and will open space for communities to define and apply their own rules “above and beyond the terms of service” of Twitter.

The platform has also shown its interest in creating ways in which content creators can monetize their productions, including contributions from fans and the “Super Follows”. There are no details on how the contributions will work, but Dantley Daveis, Twitter’s head of design and research, suggests that the role may involve longer content and the acquisition of the newsletter company Revue.

Meanwhile, Super Follows resemble tools that exist on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, by giving creators the freedom to offer exclusive content to their followers, including special badges, newsletters and more. Another possibility released by the resource would be exclusive publications, in which only subscribers could respond.

Twitter did not give a definite deadline for these new features to be implemented on the platform, but the head of product Kayvon Beykpour highlighted the increase in the speed of availability of new features that the social network has presented in recent years, which indicates that it should not take long too much for testing to begin.


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