Twitter Announces Birdwatch To Fight Fake News


The internet is a powerful tool that allows users to have easy access to an infinite number of information, but it also has a negative side: the spread of false information, fake news. In the face of the widespread spread of fake news at important events such as the elections, social networks have been working hard to prevent false news from being shared.

Twitter is one of the most engaged platforms on the subject, having strengthened its policies against false information, removed several malicious posts and even permanently suspended former U.S. President Donald Trump, precisely for the publication and dissemination of false content.

Now, the social network of the blue bird closes the siege even more with the launch of the Birdwatch tool to verify facts. It is a program through which users can add notes and comments about tweets, adding data and reliable sources to deny fake news. You can see an example of using Birdwatch in the following image:

Birdwatch is beginning to be used as a test, being currently limited to around 1,000 US residents, but will be expanded globally over time as its reliability improves. The platform claims that more than 100 people from across the political spectrum were interviewed, with everyone ensuring that the new program is a great way.

All data commented through the tool will be available for download in TSV format, with the program’s algorithms being made available on GitHub. “Our goal is to develop Birdwatch in a transparent way, and to have it shaped by the Twitter community,” said Twitter vice president Keith Coleman on the platform’s official blog.

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