Twitter announced that it will not allow death cheers


US President Donald Trump announced last Friday that he and his wife tested positive for coronavirus. After Trump’s announcement on his Twitter account, many posts supporting the coronavirus were also made. The Motherboard website asked Twitter how these posts are evaluated within the framework of existing rules. Twitter also stated that posts requesting death for someone have not been allowed since April.

Although the history of this approach is based on April in Twitter’s statement, a different situation arises when looking at the records via Internet Archive. The micro blogging service seems to have announced this policy along with the “simplified” rules it announced in the spring of 2019. These rules state that posts that want a person or group to die will not be welcome.

Twitter’s communications team did not neglect to point out that failure to comply with this rule may not result in account closure. The microblogging service stated that the removal of the content is requested first and if this is not followed, the account may be suspended until the content is removed.

In the statement made by Facebook regarding the issue, it was emphasized that posts asking the US President to die are not allowed. Facebook emphasized that comments on this subject and tagging the president to posts are not allowed.

Although Twitter states that posts containing death curses are not allowed, it should be noted that the micro blog service has not given a good test in this regard. There are frequent tweets on the platform asking anyone to die. Sometimes these posts can turn into an act of lynching. Whether Twitter has a more serious attitude on this issue will be understood over time.

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