Twitter Already Lets You Use Your Google and Apple Account To Use it


Twitter: Having more login methods for different Internet services is a normal thing to do. You enter social networks, shopping sites, official bodies … they all need a password and access user, but sometimes logging in with a service that you use regularly is the most comfortable and, of course, fast. This is the new step that Twitter will take you through to enter your account with Google or Apple.

New way to get on Twitter

Whenever you use a service, it is most mechanical to enter the email with which you registered and the corresponding password. This is very simple and if you use a password generator you may not even remember that password that the application or browser itself has generated. But there is a much simpler and faster way to enter a service and it is none other than using one of the most common Internet platforms.

They know this on Twitter and that is why they have activated an interesting function with which you can start your session with Google or your Apple ID. According to SlashGear, this feature is designed to prevent login errors. This means that if you do not remember how you started your session before, you can use the Mountain View service or the Cupertino service, depending on which one you have more at hand.

At the moment only in the app

The new iOS or Android sign-in procedure will be very helpful, although it will depend on the device you’re using it on. At least that is in the case of an Apple smartphone, since this option will only be available in the iOS app. In the case of Google, both systems will be allowed, even if you enter from the web version of your mobile browser


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