Twitter allows you to watch YouTube videos without leaving


Social networks are to share all the content you see on the Internet. The most popular files are multimedia, which come and go through messaging apps and anywhere on the Internet where you can send all kinds of files that also circulate on the World Wide Web. If we talk to you about Twitter, you may know that both images and links are constantly circulating, but now you will have a great help to stay in the app when you see a YouTube video.

Don’t go, watch the video without leaving Twitter

One of the characteristics of all types of content with an external link to Twitter is this: that they direct you to a site outside the social network. An address to a web page, an image that you can view on a different site or even a video that you can view on its original site. But of course, in the latter case there was a problem and that is that the bird app sent you directly to the YouTube app to view the video.

This brings with it an important problem and that is that in the video social network you can spend hours searching through the related content that it suggests. Conclusion: you leave Twitter and lose the thread of what you were reading. But at Jack Dorsey’s house they have made some changes and you can finally see the videos of your tweets directly in his app.

This way you will not have to leave one app and enter another, so the experience is more continuous and fluid. You will have all the features at your fingertips to watch the video, and the best of all is that you can read the comments on it at the same time you listen to it, so all are advantages.

For now, only on iOS

Twitter is working a lot in the multimedia sector. It is looking for a way to improve the content loading system to give it more quality, but for now it is time to settle for the premiere of its YouTube video viewing function. The only thing you should know is that the operating system of the bitten apple will be the first to receive it. This is your testing area before releasing its final version, which, if it had a stable version, would not take long to appear on Android phones. Some have to wait, while those who have the beta version will be able to use it and check its operation.


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