Twitter allows you to use security USBs to verify


Website security is of the utmost importance. This practice is not only based on the trust that users have in the system, but also on the way in which they enter their profile. And it is that different companies can protect your account to a certain extent and it is up to you to make sure that no one knows your credentials. That is why it is important to protect your accounts and if you have a USB key you can use it to enter Twitter.

Use your USB key to enter Twitter

Twitter is one of those applications where you can spend hours and hours watching all the content that comes out. Everyone who has an account on the social network accesses it from their smartphone, although it can also be done from the computer if it is easier for them. Now, when you use this second method, you have the option of entering using your credentials and also with two-step authentication, something that we recommend activating.

The procedure is somewhat tedious so expect a security code generated by the app, but soon you will have a more secure way to enter the app. This happens through the use of security USB keys, which are already part of the Twitter security system. As TechRadar says, this capacity can already be used and is as simple as storing the credentials of the account in question on the USB key. Of course, remember that when you go to enter you must have the device placed on your computer.

Is a USB key worth it?

This may be the million dollar question for many. And the fact is that the arrival of USB keys is very recent, but they are closely associated with the business world. It is a device designed to protect user accounts, a maxim that many companies have in mind. In addition, the added security is added with this physical format, which allows you to know with certainty if a real person has started your session or it is a third party who has tried to steal the account.

Regardless, there are those who have two gadgets of this style to keep their personal accounts, such as work, safe and separate, so you do not only have to be an executive or have rank in a company to use them.