Twitter Adds A Feature To Financially Support Content Creators


Twitter: There are many people who offer a service on the Internet. It depends on each one what they offer as information, art, some type of entertainment depending on what users are looking for. In the end, it depends on each one who to follow both on the websites where they can find their content and on their social networks and now Twitter comes with an interesting new function such as the tip jar for content creators.

Twitter will help contribute money from users to content creators

As you know, there are many platforms where you can find content based on your search interests. You have, for example, YouTube where you can watch videos, Patreon to offer your patronage to content creators or Twitch, the fashion video platform owned by Amazon. In all of them, you have the option of paying users to access the content they upload to the Internet, but sometimes you can’t make a huge contribution and you just want to give a small tip.

There are those who leave their services at an affordable price, but sometimes you can give a little extra no matter how small it is for that content creator. This was something impossible to do a few years ago on Twitter, but it seems that at Jack Dorsey’s house they have thought of a new function to financially support the content creators who operate on their social network.

It is neither more nor less than a function known as “the tip jar.” This is a feature with which you can support a content creator with whatever amount. For this, the profile of the person must have this function activated thanks to the dedicated button in the configuration of the profile of said person. Then you will need to enable an account where all the money collected is directed, something for which you will need a compatible app such as PayPal.

From the consumer side, you should know that there are many ways to collaborate with the artist or content creator that you follow. Everything is as easy as going to the top of the person’s profile, touching the payment button at the top dedicated to payment. From here, you can use your account in any of the activated payment methods to offer your financial support to that person who provides you with some type of service.


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