Twitter Accused Kate Middleton of Betraying Prince Harry by Intimidating Meghan Markle From The Family


In their six-part Netflix documentary series, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have separated Prince William and Kate Middleton. Sussex accused the Prince and Princess of Wales of jealousy and self-doubt. The duke believes that his brother and sister-in-law spread fake and vile stories about Markle in the media to cheer themselves up. Markle also did not receive friendliness from the future king and Queen Consort, as she called them cold and informal.

After the release of the bombshell show, various reports said that Kate Middleton feels betrayed by Prince Harry. The Duke and Princess of Wales were close to each other before Markle’s entry, so she did not expect such accusations from her son-in-law. However, Twitter is not impressed with the reaction of the royal family of Wales. They are of the opinion that Middleton betrayed Prince Harry by offending his wife.

Fans criticize Kate Middleton for disrespecting her relationship with Prince Harry.

Twitter has criticized Kate Middleton for not being around Meghan Markle after her wedding to Prince Harry. They were reminded of the times when the Duke of Sussex supported Middleton and was there to protect her when she was new to the family. Several fans accused the Queen’s future spouse of being jealous of the former American actress and not respecting her friendship with her son-in-law.


Before the royal wedding in 2018, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton were known as the trio. The younger Prince was the Prince of Wales’ best man at the royal ceremony in 2011. In the early years of their marriage, the Duke was often seen chatting and having a good time with his brother and sister-in-law.

Moreover, Prince Harry often called Kate Middleton the sister he never had. His admiration for his brother’s wife can be learned from the fact that he happily gave up the wedding ring of his mother, Princess Diana, so that his brother could plan a better offer. However, the heir to the throne and Middleton could not share the same bond with Meghan Markle. During the Sussex’s stay in the United Kingdom, there were frequent reports of fights between the two royal daughters-in-law.

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