Twitter accidentally suspended Hyper Light Drifter editor


The social network, which closed the account without prior notice, has not responded to the company’s requests. They lament the damage to their community and the business.

If you search for Abylight Studios on Twitter, you will only find the page that is reserved for accounts that violate in one way or another the internal rules of the platform. “Suspended account. Twitter suspends accounts that violate Twitter Rules ”, you can read. However, according to the version of the publisher of games like Hyper Light Drifter or Maldita Castilla, the social network has closed her account by mistake and without prior notice.

“Abylight Studios, a video game publisher and developer based in Barcelona, ​​has been disconnected from its community of 7,400 people due to an error in the Twitter algorithm. The company’s account, @abylight, has been suspended without prior notice or explanation, ”they comment in a press release. The company has immediately contacted the support of the platform, but so far they have not received any response after a week has passed since the event. Abylight makes several attempts each day “to get the unjust suspension” reviewed.

They ask for an answer

“This is no small matter. Losing our account affects the work of many people, jobs depend on this being fixed quickly. This attitude is incredibly dangerous and negligent on the part of such a large company. Especially considering the current state of affairs in the world. When things like this happen, they should at least respond to us ”, argues Eva Gaspar, CEO of Abylight Studios.

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Abylight points out that it has carefully reviewed the publications made and that it has found no indication that any rule of the platform has been violated. There has also been no infringement warning from Twitter. “The Abylight Studios Twitter account has been a vital part of the community and the company’s business since 2009”, as it has been “the fastest and most participatory channel for spreading news about the company and its games to more than 7400 gamers and developers ”. It has also helped them find potential partners and keep in touch with other industry professionals. For the moment, they maintain that contact on the website and on their Instagram account.


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