Twitch will broadcast 12 hours with many celebrities for donation to COVID-19 treatment


Twitch, one of today’s most popular live streaming platforms, announced today that it will publish a 12-hour broadcast with many celebrities to raise funds for the World Health Organization’s Union Struggle Fund. The broadcast will begin this evening at 7pm.

The coronavirus, which affected the whole world, caused people to close themselves to their homes. Experts say we need to wait at least 12 months for a vaccine against the virus, while work is being done on workarounds that will stop spreading.

Of course, money is required for these studies to be carried out more quickly and efficiently. Although many companies have donated millions of dollars to the Union Struggle Fund launched by the World Health Organization until today, the required amount is still not reached.

Twitch will broadcast to help the COVID-19 fund:
Twitch, today’s most popular live streaming platform, has rolled up its sleeves to help fund the World Health Organization, like many other companies. Publishing an announcement via Twitter, the company shared its new event to help with COVID-19 treatment.

In the new donation campaign launched by Twitch under the name “Twitch Stream Aid”, many famous names will broadcast on a single channel within a certain program. This broadcast, which is planned to last 12 hours, will start at 19.00 and end at 07.00 in the morning.

There will be many different events in Twitch Stream Aid:
Broadcasts in Twitch Stream Aid will play games, chat, sing songs, and more. Among the famous names to join the broadcast are names such as Rita Ora, John Legend, Steve Aoki, Lindsey Stirling, Halestorm, Lando Norris, Brandy Clark, OneRepublic, Monsta, Machine Gun Kelly, YOLA and Jacob Collier, and more.

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All donations to be made in the Twitch Stream Aid broadcast by Twitch will be transferred to the Union Struggle Fund created by the World Health Organization. We are all curious about the total amount of donations tonight on a platform where Twitch can collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few hours.

You can use this link to watch Twitch Stream Aid live at 19.00. Click on this link to learn about the famous names to participate in the broadcast, to browse the broadcast program and to reach all the details about the broadcast.


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