Twitch Vtuber Banned From PayPal For Selling “Sexual Services”


Twitch streamer “Hambino” was shocked after he was suddenly banned from PayPal for selling “sexual services”, which VTuber denies.

Over the years, many Twitch streamers have been unfairly banned on a number of platforms, but Hambino’s recent ban on PayPal has infuriated the VTuber community.

On November 16, the streamer reported that PayPal had blocked his account for violating the acceptable use policy of the service for selling “materials or services of a sexual nature.”

The result was a permanent ban, which had serious consequences for the streamer’s livelihood, and even after contacting the company, nothing changed.

PayPal bans VTuber for selling “sexual services”

A few hours after it turned out that PayPal banned him, Hambino explained that he had a long phone conversation with the site, but in the end it led to nothing and turned out to be fruitless.

“After an hour-long phone call, the support service did not tell me for which case I was banned, but that someone “manually scanned” my social networks and came to this conclusion,” he said. “I had to argue for 40 minutes only for them to reopen my case, feeling defeated.”

In a subsequent tweet, the Twitch streamer repeated that his channel is not based on sexual services, adding that he just jokes and hints a lot.

“I see SFW streamers… calling their guys daddies or twerking. I’m doing the same thing,” he felt compelled to declare.

So far, it doesn’t look like the streamer has been able to get his PayPal account back, but since many fans are flagging PayPal and demanding a change of course, the site may have no choice but to change the situation.

We have reached out to Hambino for comment.


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