Twitch Viewers Outraged by Extreme Racist Comment during IRL Broadcast


The Twitch streamer was approached ExtraEmily by a stranger at McDonald’s who seemed to mock her broadcast and comment on her race, equally baffling and disgusted viewers.

ExtraEmily gained popularity on Twitch in 2022 after a number of appearances in other streams, most notably in the OTK “Schooled” quiz stream.

She recently surpassed the 100,000 subscribers mark on the platform and enjoys live broadcasts, taking her camera with her in New York.

However, her broadcast took a more sinister turn when she was just talking to her viewers at McDonald’s when a stranger approached her.

Woman made “racist” remark ExtraEmily

Suddenly appearing on the stream, the woman noticed Emily’s stream and decided that their moment would be the center of attention.

“Hello, fans,” the woman suddenly exclaims, scaring Emily. “We came from California! I’m in some Chinese-Japanese, I don’t know, some shit, but, hooray, I’m from California!”

The comment was a reference to Emily’s Chinese origin (Emily speaks only English on her streams and has been living in the USA since birth).

The clip quickly spread online, and viewers condemned the unwanted interruption of the stream by a woman.

“What a pathetic POS,” one of them said, “probably annoyed that [Emily] is streaming at her desk, but instead of asking her to minimize everything and say something about her ethnicity, real colors are revealed.”

“Imagine being so sad that you’re struggling to ruin someone’s day by being a racist idiot,” said another.

Emily herself was clearly stunned by this interaction, saying: “Racists are always first. My first one.” Then she felt she had to leave, as the woman sitting right behind her felt “weird.”

While this may be the first time Emily has been subjected to racist comments during her IRL streams, it’s far from uncommon on streams in general. Many IRL broadcasters have been the victims of similar targets during public broadcasts, some in the US, as well as in European countries, including Germany, the UK and Sweden.


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