Twitch Viewers Are Furious That The Platform Is Promoting an Allegedly “Anti-Trans” Charity


Twitch has been criticized by its users after the platform added an alleged “anti-trans” charity to its live fundraising tool.

Back in July 2022, Twitch launched an integrated charity feature that allows content creators to raise funds for their favorite causes without using an external platform.

The Amazon-owned website added more charities to the tool on December 7, by “tens of thousands.”

However, Twitch users were enraged to learn that they had added an allegedly “anti-trans” charity as an option.

Twitch users are Furious after Allegedly Advertising an “anti-trans” charity

The mentioned charity organization LGB Alliance states: “We recognize that gender is binary, female and male, and that gender is determined at conception, observed at birth (or in utero) and recorded. We reject the use of rare medical differences in sexual development to question the binary nature of gender.”

In responses to the tweet announcement, Twitch users share their disgust at the alleged “anti-trans” charity being added to the platform.

The Twitch streamer replied with a screenshot of the description along with his thoughts: “Disgusting. Check your “charities”.

“I’m sorry, what? The LGB Alliance? A clearly anti-transgender hate group? Does Autism speak? Don’t you want to try checking out these “charities” again? one user replied.


In addition, users posted a message on the Twitch UserVoice forum asking to remove LGB Alliance and Autism Speaks from the charity fundraising tool.

In the first 24 hours since publication, he received 3,746 votes.

Twitch has not responded to requests at the time of writing, but Dexerto has contacted the platform and will update this article if they respond.


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