Twitch to ban users for misbehavior on other platforms


Twitch has announced that it will start taking more drastic measures in relation to its users’ bad behavior. Now, even if they commit criminal acts on other platforms, such as threats, name-calling and assaults outside the platform, they will be expelled from the streaming network.

To this end, the company now has a law firm that will investigate complaints outside of Twitch and on other platforms and social networks, such as YouTube and Twitter. According to the company’s second statement, the partnership “will allow us to investigate and respond to reports of out-of-service misconduct more fully.” and confidential, and partner with law enforcement, “says the note.

Examples of behavior that could cause streamers to be expelled were also cited. They include moral violence and violent extremism, threats of mass violence, terrorist activities or recruitment, leadership or participation in a hate group, conducting or acting as an accomplice in non-consensual sexual activities and / or sexual assault, sexual exploitation of children (including grooming), threats of violence at events, and threats against the Twitch team.

Anyone can report these cases. To do this, just send an anonymous email to [email protected] with the reason for the complaint and the evidence you have, which can be prints, videos, screenshots or elements of the type. But be careful, as Twitch will also punish those who made a large number of false reports.


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