Twitch Sues 2 People For Organizing Hate Attacks


Twitch filed a lawsuit in the United States, this Thursday (09), against 2 people who are allegedly organizing hate attacks on the platform. One user is nicknamed “CruzzControl”, while the other is called “CreatineOverdose”.

Despite the nicks, the identification of individuals is still unknown. However, Twitch believes that CruzzControl lives in the Netherlands, while CreatineOverdose may live in Austria.

Among the main actions of suspects are raids, which is a platform command that redirects people who are watching one channel to another. These people sent raids directly to minority channels, at which point victims ended up being bombarded by homophobic, racist, sexist, sexist, transphobic and more attacks. The tactic is called “hate raids”.

The move, which appears coordinated, was one of the reasons hundreds of streamers boycotted Twitch on September 1st. The union of content creators asked the platform to take action against these people.

Discontent with the Amazon company even reached Brazil. For other reasons, which include the decrease in subscription prices, Brazilian channels organized a sort of “strike” on August 23rd.

Other actions

Twitch has defended itself against the complaints by saying that it is being active against hateful attacks, insults, slurs and slurs that are made by users on the platform. The company said it has even installed bots that can find users who are able to “bypass” the bans.

In addition, virtual aggressors are now banned individually, with account tracking measures. Even with the measures, organized groups of streamers say Twitch needs to make setting up an account difficult. They suggest that you could ask for a cell phone number, for example.

“Although we’ve identified and banned thousands of accounts in recent weeks, these people are still working hard on creative ways to get around our improvements and show no intention of stopping,” a Twitch spokesperson told Kotaku.

“Hate and harassment have no place at Twitch and we know we have a lot more work to do, but we hope these combined actions will help reduce the immediate and unacceptable damage that targeted attacks have inflicted on our community,” he added.


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