Twitch streamer stuck at sea for several hours


Although Twitch was originally conceived as a live broadcast center with an emphasis on games, the popular platform has become home to a wide variety of materials. Twitch shows everything from rebroadcasts of classic TV shows like Pokemon and The Joy of Painting to even live NFL games. Among the variety of content, “IRL” streams are becoming increasingly popular among streamers who register their daily lives or misadventures in the real world. Now one duo of streamers found themselves in the sea live.

The streaming duo Awkwards_Travel, known as Tallulah and Gaspar, has been documenting their journey across the Mediterranean by sailboat for the past month and a half, departing from Greece on May 10. Twitch streams from the two talked about their visits to various European regions, such as Sicily and Naples, where the couple lived for several hours, sailing on the inland sea. However, now the most recent stream from Awkwards_Travel shows that the pair ended up in the sea.

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The IRL stream from Friday, which has now been removed from the couple’s channel, details the events that could lead to Awkwards_Travel getting stuck. After diving, Tallulah noticed an unexplained drop of needles on the ship’s dashboard, which led to the restart of the boat, which failed. Due to errant winds that nearly caused the two’s vessel to collide with the shipwreck they had previously explored, they were stuck at sea for almost four hours before the pair quickly crossed the stream. Awkwards_Travel have not aired on Twitch since the incident, although Tallulah later confirmed their safety via Twitter.

Although the on-demand video has since been removed from Twitch, Tallulah closed the broadcast with a plan for her viewers. It is reported that help was supposed to arrive an hour after the broadcast ended, and Tallulah said that the channel would work again when they were safe. Gaspard was more shocked by the situation, stating that he did not want to get into another boat after a painful experience.

As streams in the real world became more and more popular, many such unpleasant incidents were recorded live. IRL streams captured a variety of funny and frightening situations: from a bird that steals lunch from a streamer, to filming car and moped accidents live on camera. Some streamers, such as Emiru, even refuse to broadcast live due to fear of doxing by overzealous fans. The Awkwards_Travel online experience has become a heartbreaking addition to their extensive catalog of sea voyages.