Twitch Streamer Smashed His Desk With His Bare Hands in a Fit of Rage


A Twitch Plaqueboymax streamer broke a table that was right next to his streaming setup after another RapperDude streamer provoked him into a discord call.

Although there are many cases of things breaking on Twitch, be it tables, chairs or monitors. Most of them are either written as part of an elaborate joke, or at least not made with bare hands.

This is what distinguishes Plagueboymax’s fit of rage from other similar situations on Twitch. As it turned out, this breakdown of the table was not scripted. Moreover, it was done with bare hands.

It all started with the fact that RapperDude called Max via Discord and started the call with a question: “Why did you say you don’t like women? This is some kind of strange person.”

This had already put Plableboymax in a bad mood before the call lasted another 10 minutes, when RapperDude seemed to be trying to specifically tick off Max to get a reaction before he finally clicked and started hitting the table next to his setup in the heat of the moment. , which was immediately cut off.

Time stamp 10:00

Plaqueboymax punches the table

Plaqueboymax’s attack on the table next to its installation ended up partially breaking. After that, he picked it up and pointed it at the camera before saying that he never wants to receive calls from RapperDude again.

The ordeal of destruction doesn’t seem to end there, as Max’s camera goes out after he lowers the table.

Eventually, he fixes the problem, and the image from his camera returns, after which he asks his viewers if he can get “a minute of silence for my desk, please,” showing off the battered furniture.

Max and his chat laughed at everything that was happening, and everything was fine until the end of the broadcast. We sincerely hope that his hands are all right.


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