Twitch Streamer Mizkif Tells How Much Money He Earns in a Bad Month


Popular streamer MatthewMizkifRinaudo announced during his live broadcast on September 13 that he earns a six-figure sum for a low month when he is not actively using Twitch, hinting at how much he earns during a busy month. With more than 2.1 million subscribers on Twitch, Mizkif regularly maintains thousands of views, but even in the slowest July, it brings impressive revenue.

In the past, Twitch streamers have shown off their earnings, and some creators have gone so far as to create content about big purchases, such as expensive cars or luxury homes. Twitch leaks from 2021 revealed the earnings of such famous people on the platform as Pokimane, Summit1g, xQc and others, while gambling streams offered as part of a deal with the brand continue to be regularly criticized because of the money received from sponsorship. Although Mizkiff had a shortened 73-hour schedule in July, he received a six-figure number only for subscriptions, bits and advertising.

Asked about his latest Twitch check from one of his viewers in a spin-the-wheel game, Mizkiff unveiled a remarkable $106,755.83 before describing it as “very, very, very, very, very small.” This check consists of monthly subscription payments from 20,088 community members, a large portion of the bits, and an average audience of 30,581 people who view Twitch ads from time to time, which also generates revenue for Mizkif. He also stressed that he had recently taken a lot of days off, and reminded his community not to give their money to streamers, despite the fact that he received most of this income from these viewers.

Because of his spin-the-wheel game on Twitch, Mizkif filled in some of the space by including other content creators, such as fellow OTK Esfand and popular streamer Adin Ross, in the list of possibilities. The list of actions that Mizkif had to take during the Twitch wheel broadcast included things like push-ups, doing nothing, calling Adin and telling him that he fell, or Esfand and telling him that his house is better, a shot or the end of the stream. Some of the other questions Mizkiff asked during the broadcast included: is he into World ofWarcraft, is he really happy, who is among the top five streamers he respects, and what he plans to do after his live broadcast career.

Although some Twitch viewers reacted to Mizkiff’s clip with how they would spend such an impressive monthly earnings, others noted his continued success. Some streamers who commented noted the smaller numbers, which they are still proud of, despite having seen the staggering Mizkif numbers, which still pale in comparison to Twitch’s stat leaders like xQc and KaiSenat, who are rapidly gaining popularity.


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