Twitch Streamer Jinny Chases The Thief Who Stole Her Phone Live on The Air.


Popular Twitch IRL streamer Jinny chased a thief who stole her phone during a broadcast on the streets of Argentina.

Jinny is one of the most popular IRL streamers in the world, she often documents her wild travels around the world, and in the process she has turned into a Twitch megastar.

Over the years, the streamer has had many strange encounters, including losing a ton of money, being attacked by a goose, and even setting fire to his own backyard.

During the broadcast on January 23, the machinations continued when Jinny was walking through the streets of Buenos Aires when her phone was suddenly taken away from her.

Jinny tracks down the thief who stole her phone live on Twitch.

When Jinny was walking through the streets of the capital of Argentina, she was crossing the road when her phone was taken away from her out of nowhere, which led to a fight.

During the chaos, the streamer’s broadcast ended for a moment, but when she returned, Jinny returned her phone and said that she chased the robber and was able to catch up with him.

“It was a girl and a guy. The girl took my phone, so I looked back and chased after her. She was so damn slow, even I could catch up with her,” Jinny explained. “The other guy was blocking me, so I couldn’t catch up with her, but then I pushed the guy away and ran to the girl.”

According to Jinny , the chase continued in the subway, where she was able to catch the thief and tell everyone standing nearby that the woman had taken her phone, as a result of which she returned it.

Of course, it takes a lot of courage to chase thieves in a foreign country, but Jinny wasn’t going to let anyone steal her property.

Let’s hope that the remaining time of the streamer in the South American country will pass without a hitch, and she will have a safe and exciting journey.


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