Twitch streamer is outraged that NPC God of War Ragnarok is sitting in the back seat


Chat harassment is common for streamers, but Twitch streamer Elajjaz gave way to his gaming companion during a boss battle in God of War Ragnarok.

**Spoilers for the boss in the middle of the game and some details of the story ahead**

Sitting in the back seat was relevant as long as the live broadcast was popular. While chat can be a boon in some scenarios, sitting in the backseat requires extra effort and can annoy streamers who are trying to figure out the game on their own.

In God of War Ragnarok, companions often intervene to tell the player what they need to do next, or something they may lack to advance.

But for Elajjaz, a Twitch streamer, the game went too far — the streamer threatened to turn down the volume of his voice to avoid combat chatter.

Twitch Streamer Is Furious over NPC God of War Ragnarok Sitting in the Back
In God of War Ragnarok, there are several challenging boss fights with a complex set of mechanics that require trial and error to understand what the bosses are capable of.

However, Elajaz was furious that Freya, his companion in the game, was sitting in the back seat during the boss battle. She constantly pestered Kratos (and, accordingly, the streamer) so that he parried the attacks and dodged correctly.

The video shows his first attempt to fight the boss, in which he died soon after. Frustration only grew as more and more of Freya’s remarks incited him to action.

Freya uttered a phrase like: “Did Sparta teach you this? Close your land!” at times when he could not physically get close to the boss. Ela screamed back at the NPC: “But I can’t close the ground when there’s an AoE in front of him! Shut up, this is ridiculous!”

Ela’s chat intervened, which compared Freya to the passengers in the back seat who would be in his chat. Except that she’s in the game and she can’t be avoided. Although he said he liked the fight by the time he defeated Nidhegg, Freya’s comment definitely didn’t appeal to the streamer.


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