Twitch Streamer Is Devastated that the Cat Skillfully Deleted All Her Progress in Hitman 3


Hitman 3 “Freelancer” mode is quite difficult at the highest difficulty at the best of times, but the favorite of this streamer decided to add an additional test.

Stormfall33 spent almost three hours in the Hitman 3 stream when she paused the game to read chat messages.

While she was doing this, her cat Momo was walking across the table, stepping on her keyboard and pressing all the right buttons in the correct order needed to complete the run and return Stormfall to the main menu.

Freelancer mode in Hitman 3 is a thorough test of skills, patience and resource management. First of all, players are required to remain calm, think rationally and react quickly to developing situations.

But freelancer mode rarely requires you to react to obstacles in real life, especially when they are supposedly beloved pets.

Stormfall was stunned for a few moments before she started screaming at the cat, slamming the table in frustration and moaning. Momo responded with a series of indignant meows before jumping off the table and returning to bed.

Stormfall was particularly surprised by how deliberate the removal seemed.

“He literally just pressed my exit key and pressed Enter. He closed my game. He’s out of the mission! How do you do that?!”

Stormfall eventually had to restart the walkthrough from the beginning, which was further compounded by the structure of the Freelancer mode, where you complete a series of eight missions one after the other.


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