Twitch Streamer Gets Food Stolen By Giant Crow in Bizarre On-Air Encounter


A Twitch streamer had his food stolen by a huge hidden crow in a strange live broadcast in Japan that could have ended much worse for them.

Twitch streamer Crazy_Japanese was trying to enjoy delicious food on the streets of Japan when a giant crow burst in without warning and flew away with the goods.

The clip was filmed live and the chat was stunned as everyone tried to make sense of what exactly they had just seen. Even with the help of video, it is difficult to process such a strange incident, especially with the speed at which it happened.

Twitch streamer robbed by giant bird

One second the streamer was showing her food to the camera and letting the chat take a good look at her, and the next second her food was in the paws of a monstrous crow that never turned around.

Naturally, she was shocked by this incident and froze in place, accepting what had happened, but did not prevent the audience from laughing or leaving comments in support of the bird.

All things considered, she maintained relative composure right after that. From the outside, it might seem like a funny incident, but in fact her hand was in serious danger, being so close to the impact zone.

Fortunately, nothing else came out of this situation, and she will live mostly as a funny story that she will tell in the future, but it’s still a frightening way of interrupting lunch for everyone.


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