Twitch Streamer Banned for Playing Forsaken, Despite the Fact that He Came Out


The Twitch streamer was suspended from the game for apparently starting to play the new Forspoken game early, despite the fact that it was available to some players and some did not like it.

As we’ve seen over the past year, whenever a new big game comes out, a lot of Twitch streamers rush not only to be among the first to play it, but also to be among the first to complete it.

Of course, some of them are helped by pre-ordering special editions of games, so they get them a few days earlier, but others use loopholes. By switching the console to a different time zone, you can usually start playing a little earlier than you planned, even if it’s only for a few hours.

Some of the biggest names on Twitch have done this regularly in the past. Notably, xQc almost completed The Last of Us 2 before it was released in the US. However, it seems that they are now stopping this practice.

Twitch Streamer Banned For Playing Forspoken Early Despite Being Out

As Forspoken, a new role-playing game from Luminous Productions, airs in the Southern Hemisphere, a number of Twitch streamers have connected to the game a few hours earlier.

Among them was GTAMen, a Dutch content creator who usually deals with GTA Online, as he was banned for 48 hours for starting the game early. “Banned for 48 hours for streaming an officially released and legally purchased game. Cool,” said the streamer, showing a letter with a ban from Twitch.

He added that he applied for the ban to be lifted, given that it was released and others have already started broadcasting it, even if they are not in the correct time zone.


Some users were disappointed by Twitch’s decision to release a banhammer, pointing out the fact that a number of others did not suffer the same punishment.

“I can’t believe they really messed it up like that. I hope you figure it out,” one of them said. “Twitch, you better fix this as soon as possible,” another added.

Game publishers sometimes warn players against trying to access games earlier by changing the time zone of their system, but punishments usually do not apply to their channels. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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