Twitch Streamer Banned For Hitting a Dog Switches To Kick


A Twitch streamer who was banned from the platform after she drove her car over a dog was forced to change the platform.

In February, Polish Twitch streamer “sidneuke” went viral after she was driving while looking at her phone and not noticing dogs on the road.

Then the distracted streamer ran over one of the animals in the clip, which spread through the Twitch community at the speed of a forest fire, which led to a permanent ban on the Amazon-owned platform.

Although the streamer later claimed that everything was fine with the dog and she returned to running like a joyful puppy, without fractures, her ban on Twitch forced her to switch to Kick.

Banned Streamer Who Knocked Down a Dog Switched to Kick

It’s unclear when the streamer first joined Kick, but according to past broadcasts, she went online in February 2023 to play The Witcher.

Despite her time on the platform, she has managed to gather only 127 subscribers so far.

So far, Kick has turned out to be a rather controversial platform: one streamer, HeelMike, received a one-day ban only after oral sex during a live broadcast.

She also doesn’t seem to be driving in any of her on-demand videos, although it’s not known if it was a personal choice or if she faced any consequences of her distracted driving.

Earlier, Polish media reported that the Animal Welfare Service was aware of the incident and notified the prosecutor’s office about it, citing “sympathy and social duty.”

Sidneuke also says she is in touch with the dog’s owner, but it is unknown if she has to pay any vet bills and what legal consequences she may face after blocking Twitch.

Meanwhile, Kick continues to watch streams of streamers move onto the platform, including Adin Ross, Hikaru and others, according to Trainwreck.


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