Twitch: streamer banned after painting live body


The Intraventus streamer was banned from Twitch TV on Friday (28) for a period of 24 hours. According to an email sent by the platform to the influencer, she allegedly violated the Community Guidelines regarding nudity policy.

Popular streamer in the body painting segment, Intraventus has more than 71,000 followers on Twitch. In the message received and disseminated by her, the platform’s justification for the penalty is that she “engaged in body art with a naked body, or insufficiently covered” or “carried out activities for a long period wearing body art suits”. This is the second ban received by the streamer.

Through her Twitter, the influencer expressed her frustration saying that “she is tired of dealing with Twitch’s negligence”, and asks for clarity in what happened. She also published a video, in another message, showing how she does her body painting. Intraventus has had the channel since 2014.

Although the focus of Twitch is games and esports, several segments are present on the platform. Body painting channels need to follow a strict set of rules, and broadcasts are allowed as long as the streamers meet some nudity requirements.

The subject is controversial and has a long history of banning. In February 2020, the Forkgirl streamer was banned indefinitely for the same reason. Currently, the American is already back on the platform. The same case was repeated in April with Canadian MizzyRose, which was banned for 24 hours, days after the platform made changes to nudity policy.

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