Twitch streamer asks fans to send him less money


One of the most famous streamers in the gamer world, the Moroccan Imane Anys, known internationally for her pseudonym Pokimane, surprised the Twitch and YouTube community by asking her fans not to send her large cash donations.

Famous for its live streams playing Fortnite, League of Legends and Among Us, the personality took to Twitter earlier this month to thank the support so far received, “to the point of considering anything beyond that unnecessary”, and to ask people support start-up channels, charities, and take care of yourself.

To prove that the refusal of a lot of money is really real, Anys has partnered with Streamlabs, the livestreaming software service, so that donations to his channel are limited to $ 5 (R $ 28).

Although the attitude goes against the grain of most streamers, the gesture was well received by most fans and also by other famous streamers, such as the controversial Kacey “Kaceytron” Caviness, who declared: “Girl, you rocked again. Constantly raising the bar level for all of us “.

Today, Anys can afford to refuse generous donations. As one of Twitch’s biggest channels, she signed a long-term contract with the site earlier this year, and although the figures have not been released, it is thought that the amounts involved far exceeded what was necessary.

Fame, however, cannot be limited: Pokimane gained even more prominence by participating in a livestream with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for more than 435 thousand people. In addition, the streamer awaits the release of the movie Free Guy, where she will star opposite Ryan Reynolds.

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