Twitch Streamer Adamcy Banned for Homophobic Slurs


Twitch streamer Adamsy was banned from the streaming platform after making homophobic remarks during a recent broadcast.

Streamers on Twitch are suspended from the platform for various reasons, and although in most cases the platform unlocks them within a day or so, others may be banned for a month, a year, or even forever. suspension.

When the Polish streamer Adamcy’s Twitch channel was blocked for the sixth time on November 14, many of his viewers and fans wondered how long the punishment from the Amazon-owned platform would last, leaving the future of his channel a little hazy.

Adamsy banned on Twitch

According to StreamerBans, this is the first time Adamsy has been blocked since he was banned from the site on September 16, 2021 after he served a 10-month suspension.

His latest ban was imposed after he hosted a live broadcast from an event with a lot of friends on November 12, when other influencers and random people wanted to join the broadcast.

Some people who appeared on the stream used homophobic insults, which probably caused the suspension.

Adamsy’s first ban dates back to July 2019, when he served his first ban. Since then, the duration of his ban has varied from one day to almost a whole year.

We will update this article accordingly as new information becomes available about its ban and that we can expect it to be broken. At the moment, it is known how long his suspension will last.


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