Twitch Slicer Streamer Responds To Fraud Allegations


Twitch streamer Sliker responded to the accusations against the content creator. In a recent Twitch thread, Slicker confirms that he took money to pay for gambling from several Twitch streamers and viewers, most of which he has yet to return. Sobbing, he confirms the accusations and repents of his mistakes, promising to repay the loans. Slicker is mostly known for his Just Chatting streams, and although Twitch still allows live gambling, most of his gambling is not broadcast. He also recently participated in a streamer poker tournament organized by BotezLive along with other famous streamers.

In the last few days, Sliker has been criticized by fans and other streamers. According to the charges, the Slicer sent videos and messages asking for money to both content creators and its Twitch users. The false reasons given for the loan included freezing his bank account. Everything unfolded after a clip recently appeared privately in which Slicker asks for help, and others confirmed similar requests. It is unknown about the controversy, Sliker was previously banned on Twitch, but there has never been a scandal of this magnitude.

Popular Twitch streamers, including those with millions of subscribers, such as xQc and Trainwreck, have heard these cries for help. While some agreed to lend less significant amounts of money, others sent Slyker tens of thousands of dollars. Trainwreck was one of the last and said he gave Slyker tens of thousands of dollars, but it ruined their relationship. According to Trainwreck, the first gift cost $45,000, and soon after that there was another one. Another Twitch streamer, lukeafk, lent Slicker $27,000. The Twitch xQc streamer himself became addicted to gambling, which may have helped him not to fall for the Slicker’s request.

Slicker confessed to his offenses in a Twitch stream marked “here”. In a 20-minute stream, the Slicker confirmed that he lied to many people in order to borrow money. According to him, all because of his gambling addiction, which was initiated by in-game game mechanics. Although he didn’t want to blame the game, it all started with gambling with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins. Later, his addiction turned into real money, and he gambled “almost everything” he earned on Twitch.

Although Slicker admitted his mistakes, he says he wasn’t going to cheat anyone and was going to repay the loans. He claims that he has repaid a debt to some people, and that he will repay them all, no matter how long it takes. Gambling is a frequent problem in the gaming community and in Twitch in particular. In addition to xQc revealing its gambling addiction, streamer Mitch Jones lost almost $50,000 in gambling in one week. Popular Twitch personality Pokimane recently called on Twitch to ban gambling on the platform, which was supported by many streamers and viewers.


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