Twitch Seum streamer was kicked out of the house during a live broadcast


Twitch streamer Sam Seum was stunned after her live broadcast was interrupted by her family’s eviction from home, and left an emotional message for her viewers after the eviction occurred.

Seum, who has more than 80,000 subscribers on the Amazon-owned platform, left her broadcast very abruptly on October 5, looking worried while talking to someone off-screen before simply saying, “I have to go, sorry.”

She immediately turned off her stream without providing information about what was going on, but this was clearly a cause for concern.

Soon after, Sym took to Twitter to provide her viewers and the community with an update, saying that “we have nowhere to go and I’m asking for any help.

“We have no way to return, even if we pay what we owe… We contacted the VA to try to get temporary housing, but yes… I just need a home for my family.”

Sym then posted a series of videos in which she explained the situation, saying she was “exhausted and confused” because of the situation.

She said the sheriffs showed up and told them to “pack their bags and leave,” despite not receiving the three-day notice they were told they would receive if the issue arose.

Since then, Seum has not reported anything, although she said that she would still go to TwitchCon in San Diego the next day, since the trip was paid for and she paid for the activations she needed to do to work at the event.

It is unclear what Seum will do after this event, but several people on the Internet have asked for help, including reaching out to her husband, who is applying for a job in the IT field, so the situation may well turn in their favor.


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