Twitch removes ban from Greekgods


Popular Twitch streamers are blocked from time to time as a result of non-compliance with the platform’s terms of service, and Twitch sometimes revokes its bans during the appeal process. Twitch streamer Dmitry “GreekGodx” Antonatos was recently banned, but was subsequently banned, instead of fulfilling the conditions of the ban.

GreekGodx has had a lot of fans on Twitch since the early days of the platform, and the number of its subscribers has exceeded one million, despite the fact that he took a long break to lose weight before returning in 2020. During the live broadcast on June 28, GreekGodx did and said enough questionable things to get banned from Twitch, just like other streamers in the past. What exactly caused GreekGodx to be banned has been controversial ever since, but since it was banned, Twitch clearly overestimated the situation that would have caused GreekGodx to be banned for seven days.

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According to Twitter StreamerBans, GreekGodx has been banned on Twitch for a total of 3 days, 4 minutes and 16 seconds since the penalty was lifted. GreekGodx claims that the Twitch ban was caused by a problematic twerk on the stream, which Twitch prohibits, but community members appreciated what he said during the stream and reduced it to sexist comments about other streamers. The popular Twitch streamer has already returned to the platform and since then just communicates with his community, which he regularly does during live broadcasts.

After his ban on Twitch, several Twitch streamers, such as Mizkif, Asmongold and xQc, reacted to the aforementioned GreekGodx tirade. Mizkif took advantage of the short period of time when GreekGodx was banned on Twitch to state that the previously banned streamer was jealous of his success on the platform, becoming the new “unfunny fat man”. If the rants caused GreekGodx to be banned on Twitch, many viewers already assume that in the future the streamer will see another ban, given the regularity of his rants.

Although many GreekGodx fans are celebrating his return after a brief ban on Twitch, several responses claimed that the streamer had fallen off. One Twitch viewer called GreekGodx a goat of the platform, responding to the lifting of his ban, while others discussed whether his return was a victory or a defeat for Twitch. Some GreekGodx fans have suggested that his quick return is a result of how long he has been live streaming on Twitch compared to how few bans he has received over the years, but it is possible that the popular streamer has appealed the ban, and the process has shown that his Twitch ban is not needed.