Twitch removes automatic mid-roll ads, for now


Twitch no longer shows automatic mid-roll ads on streams after wrapping up its test this week.

Prior to this week, Twitch viewers typically only saw a video ad when they first clicked on someone’s stream, making sure they didn’t miss a moment of the action.

That changed a few days ago when Twitch rolled out mandatory mid-roll ads, removing the ability for creators to choose when to show.

There was a huge outcry over the ads and, for now at least, Twitch has removed them from the service.

Several streamers complained about the change, emphasizing that the amount of content they would lose was not worth the additional income they would earn from having the mid-roll during their gaming sessions.

Especially if multiple people are playing the same popular game, it could be the difference between a viewer staying on one channel or watching someone else’s game.

Advertising tests are finished

Twitch’s official support Twitter account clarified that it had ended its advertising test this week and that viewers would no longer see mid-roll.

It also said that it was taking user feedback into account regarding these changes, but also did not promise not to re-implement mid-roll in the future.

With competitive games like League of Legends, Street Fighter, and Fortnite drawing huge numbers on Twitch, this would have the potential to disrupt matches during their most important moments. It’s like the NFL cutting a commercial during a goal line.

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