Twitch registers 1.7 billion hours of viewing in July


For those who want to start a streaming life, either to create a potential career or just for fun, Twitch will pretty much be the first port of call. Given that the platform is responsible for hosting popular content creators such as Amouranth, Asmongold, xQc and many others, the site can attract millions of viewers every day. As a result, fans watch the broadcasts for hours, and the latest data shows that the Amazon-owned service is doing well.

According to the recent history of, Twitch has gained about 1.7 billion hours of content viewing. And this is only for July. However, the report goes on to say that this is slightly less than the two billion that were registered earlier this year, and the platform has not yet reached the numbers it did in January. However, 1.7 billion is still quite a significant figure, showing that gamers and streaming enthusiasts are watching a lot of content en masse.

This is especially important compared to the number of views of alternative streaming sites such as YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. The figures show that last month the first of them worked 292 million hours, and the second — 424 million hours. By themselves, these are still impressive numbers, but they obviously pale in comparison to what Twitch is pulling. As for the most viewed categories on Twitch, it looks like “Just Chatting” topped the chart with 255 million hours, while the most viewed game was League of Legends with 113 million.

Despite how well Twitch and others are doing, a few months ago it was reported that streaming platforms in general are showing a decline in growth, especially compared to the previous year. Whether this is due to the loosening of lockdowns and other restrictions associated with the pandemic, which means fewer people are forced to stay at home and therefore with their devices, cannot be said for sure, although it may be a factor.

Unfortunately, this is not all good news for users like Twitch. Despite the fact that streamers like Keffals are being spanked and doxed, there is still a lot of hostile and negative activity that leads to harassment of some content creators, most of whom belong to the LGBTQ+ community. This toxicity has been going on for some time, and it is hoped that the site will take serious measures so that streamers can stay safe both on and off camera.


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