Twitch Publisher Lannia ‘Ohlana’ Suicide Ends Life


A publisher named Lannia ‘Ohlana’, who has more than 100 thousand followers on Twitch, ended his life by committing suicide. While the reason for the suicide of the 26-year-old young publisher is unknown, it was understood that he signaled this with his Instagram and Twitter posts on July 6.

With the widespread use of the Internet, dozens of platforms were included in our lives. These platforms naturally created thousands of phenomena and made millions of people meet these phenomena. According to reports, one of these phenomena, Twitch publisher with more than 100 thousand followers committed suicide and died. This annoying incident stunned the broadcasters’ fans with deep sadness.

Twitch publisher Lannia ‘Ohlana’, 26, has become one of the favorites of Twitch users with CS: GO and IRL publications. Although the publisher did not reveal much during Twitch broadcasts, he gave interesting messages in his statements on Instagram and Twitter. In fact, the publisher’s statements caused concerns by some fans. Now there is fear, and 26-year-old Lannia ‘Ohlana’ ended her life.

Twitch publisher made 3 posts on Twitter on July 6. Lannia ‘Ohlana’, who expressed her own thoughts about depressed people in one of these posts, wrote “Nobody’s fault” in her last post. This Tweet actually contained very deep messages, but those deep messages were unfortunately understood after the suicide of Lannia ‘Ohlana.

Lannia ‘Ohlana’ also shared a story on Instagram on July 6. Lannia ‘Ohlana’s last Instagram story was actually a farewell letter. Lannia ‘Ohlana’ thanked all her followers in the story she shared and presented her love to everyone she met after she became a publisher. Expressing that everything he has experienced is enduring, Lannia ‘Ohlana’ said that everyone is fighting his own. The last words of Lannia ‘Ohlana were really remarkable.

“Today is a beautiful day. Go out and enjoy for me”

Lannia ‘Ohlana’ says her farewell letter on Instagram “It’s a beautiful day. Go out and enjoy it for me.” He had completed with the words. After a while after this sharing, it was announced that Lannia ‘Ohlana committed suicide and died. After this news was heard, fans and publishers of Lannia ‘Ohlana shared praise condolence messages for Lannia’ Ohlana.

There is nothing explained about how Lannia ‘Ohlana got to this point and how she ended her life. However, it may be that psychologists are challenging their creators’ lives that are not easy and that they have to work constantly to earn money. Perhaps Lannia ‘Ohlana’s suicide may be due to her inability to further resist the difficulties of publishing.


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