Twitch Promises Big Changes in Advertising That Will Benefit Viewers and Streamers


Twitch promises big changes in the way ads are displayed on the platform next year, including a “postpone” button for the middle of the videos and a warning that they should start.

During 2022, Twitch began to pay more attention to advertising revenue on the platform — up to the launch of a program that encourages partners to show more ads during their broadcast.

According to a recent blog post by the company’s product director Tom Verrilli, the platform needs to make big changes to the way ads are displayed.

These new ways will benefit both viewers and streamers, potentially improving the overall experience.

Twitch Promises Big Changes in Advertising that will Benefit Users

In a blog post, Verrilli said they are going to make advertising “easier and better for you” in several different ways.

To begin with, they are going to update the advertising promotion program to reflect community requests that will make it easier and more flexible for creators regarding the amount of advertising that a streamer should run.

Twitch is also updating how streamers will be able to turn off ads at the beginning of a video on their channel, allowing streamers to run a three-minute ad any way they prefer to turn it off for the next hour.

Currently, this is only achievable when a 90-second ad is shown every 30 minutes.

In addition to the new method of disabling ads for an hour, the preview clips will no longer occupy the entire screen, but instead will be displayed in the Twitch interface “Picture in Picture”.

Twitch is also exploring ways to alert communities that the ad at the beginning of the video is set to play, and will give viewers the opportunity to “postpone” the ad on the channel.

All this seems to be a definite improvement on the current Twitch advertising experience, which often appears at inopportune moments that may prevent the creator from interacting with the viewer to the best of his abilities.

We will definitely let you know when they publish more information about these features. In the meantime, you can stop by to find out more entertainment news and other Twitch stories.


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