Twitch: Possible Attack Shows Face Of Jeff Bezos On Games Page


Twitch: The astral hell experienced by Twitch seems to have no end. This time, at dawn today (08), the platform may have suffered a kind of deface, as a photo of billionaire Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon, who owns Twitch) was appearing on the cover of the games page as GTA V, Dota 2, Smite, Minecraft and Apex Legends.

The subject took over the forums and social networks and users were able to capture the screen to publicize what was happening. The streamer AnEternalEnigma was one of those that published images of the “zoeira”.

“More pranks are happening at Twitch. All games directory header images in the web version now show an approximate image of Jeff Bezos. This has been happening in the last 2 hours”, he posted on Twitter.

On Reddit, one user explained that the action did not necessarily indicate a correlation with the data leak that the platform suffered or even a possible new hacker attack.

“It could have been a case of cache poisoning, as Twitch relies heavily on various caching mechanisms. While this is still considered hacking, it’s different from someone having access to the site’s administrator or any of the back-end systems,” he pointed out.

Tagged as shadowedfox, he said players should be careful when visiting the web version of streaming, as cache poisoning can be used to direct people to phishing sites. “So don’t reuse passwords, maybe consider switching to a password manager to generate random passwords. Use two-factor authentication whenever possible,” he recommended.

Twitch has not commented on the matter, but has previously said it was working urgently to investigate the data leak and calculate its impact on the platform.


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