Twitch: A Participatory Karaoke Game Directly Integrated!


Twitch: A Participatory Karaoke Game Directly Integrated! On the occasion of the TwitchCon, Amazon’s streaming service announced the upcoming appearance of a karaoke game directly integrated with Twitch.

On the occasion of the TwitchCon, Amazon’s Streaming Service announced a series of new features. MCE tells you all about these latest news!

For the happiness of Twitch’s faithful, there will be the upcoming appearance of a directly integrated participatory karaoke game. For those who have never heard of Twitch, it’s a streaming and VOD video game, e-sports and related-TV service launched in June 2011.

During the event, Twitch unveiled its future group streaming feature. That will allow users to track multiple streamers simultaneously when they play together. Indeed, the streamers will soon be able to make use of their most beautiful organ by pushing the song for their viewers. Twitch has announced that a karaoke game, developed in collaboration with Harmonix (Rock Band), will be integrated into its services!

Viewers will be able to offer the streamer a title among “several hundred”. If he or she takes up the challenge, viewers can then trigger various light animations via chat commands. And subsequently launch special challenges to their favorite videographer. It is therefore necessary to prepare his vocal cords before participating! For the moment, we do not know the special challenges that will be available for the challenges.

If the Amazon subsidiary has not yet released a release date for Twitch Sings. A registration list is available to participate in the beta of the service. Twitch says that the game will be available on the desktop version, but also on iOS. The Android version will arrive a little later. Twitch has also detailed many other features. Like new moderation tools and also loyalty rewards.

What do you think of Twitch and the many new features announced at the TwitchCon?

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