Twitch: New Feature For Chat Has Arrived


Twitch has announced that users can now provide sequential responses to a message with chat replies. Thus, it is aimed to realize a less chaotic broadcast flow to reply to messages in Twitch chat.

Twitch announced the sequential reply feature to reduce the complexity of broadcast chats. In this way, when viewers want to reply to a message, they will not disrupt the general messaging flow.

Twitch chat responses will help keep the conversation going

Announcing the feature on his Twitter account, Twitch said in a statement, “Chat responses help you keep the conversation going even when the chat is over. Try new message threads, keyboard shortcuts and more available to all communities on Twitch ”.

To take advantage of the feature, viewers will be able to hover over a message and click the arrow that appears and then type their message. This new feature, which was first tried for 30 days on 50 percent of the channels on the platform in August 2020, includes a few features that will allow you to customize how replies appear in chat windows and keyboard shortcuts with the full version. It was suggested by users who tested keyboard shortcuts such as ‘alt’ or ‘enter’ during the tests.

With this new system, Twitch hopes that broadcasts on the platform will have a less chaotic message flow, resulting in higher-quality live streams than expected.

In addition to fixing the chat feature, Twitch continues to take action for fake users on the platform. More than 7.5 million accounts detected in the past days have been permanently removed from the platform on the grounds that they are fake.


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