Twitch Moves to Ban Abuse Publishers


Twitch, whose numerous publishers were accused of abuse this week, decided to take action and ban some accused publishers. These publishers will not be able to return because the company says the bans are permanent.

The head of Twitch, the sports and video game-oriented live streaming platform owned by Amazon, has been in trouble for some time with abuse charges on the platform. Abuse accusations, which started at the beginning of the week against more than 50 people, mostly women, to Twitch publishers and a number of people known in the industry, approached 100 with new participants throughout the week. After the first wave of blame, Twitch announced that he would investigate and take action. As a first step, the platform banned some publishers.

Twitch expelled 5 publishers accused of abuse on Wednesday night from the platform. It was announced that these publishers were IamSp00n, Wolv21, BlessRNG, DreadedCone and WarwitchTV. Publishing a statement from the official blog page, Twitch stated that they examine each case individually and the necessary care will be shown. Twitch said the bans were ‘indefinite removal’. This means that publishers thrown from the platform will not be able to return. Women who have been subjected to the abuse of the mentioned publishers say that they are amazed at the event that Twitch, who has not taken a step on the subject for a long time, finally takes action.

A banned publisher accepted the charges:

Accused of sexual abuse, aggression and abuse by many publishers, IamSp00n accepted the charges against him with a note from Twitter. The publisher, who emailed Kotaku, said that it was ‘appropriate’ to dismiss it from the platform and noted that he did not think he could return to this industry.

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In a note published in WarwitchTV, titled ‘No excuses’, Twitch publisher accusing him of abuse said that he knew that he was under the age of 18 when he was having sex with correspondence and claimed that he had ‘learned from his mistakes’ but another publisher from WarwitchTV He stated that the publisher sent the message sent him inappropriate messages last month.

Another publisher, Wolv21, who was kicked out of Twitch, first defended himself, but eventually admitted that his actions were wrong. BlessRNG, on the other hand, argued that he was also abused at first in response to the charges against him, but made a second statement and stated that he abused and apologized.


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