Twitch-Like Clip Retrieval Feature to YouTube


A long-awaited new feature has arrived on YouTube. Users can now trim and broadcast short videos from their videos and live streams ranging from 5 to 60 seconds in length.

YouTube users will have a brand new feature very soon. Thanks to this new ‘Clips’ feature, which is still in the testing phase and only available to some accounts, users will be able to trim and edit short videos from their videos and live broadcasts and share them on different platforms.

This feature, which Twitch users are familiar with, is expected to be developed with the feedback to be obtained during the testing phase and then offered to all users. With this feature, YouTube users will be able to edit these short videos and share them on the social media platforms they want.

The feature will be disabled for some video content:

According to preliminary information, the feature will not be available in videos produced for children, live broadcasts longer than 8 hours, and live broadcasts that are still ongoing. In addition, these short videos will be deleted if the video producers remove the content in question.

Trying to increase diversity and make it suitable for social media dynamics with the innovations and developments it regularly makes on the platform, YouTube seems to have a similar goal with this move. Because with this feature, a kind of preview of YouTube videos and broadcasts will be created and publishers will be able to easily share these videos on their social media accounts and provide more interaction.

How can we use the feature?

In order to use the YouTube Clips feature, you will need to select the part you will crop on the screen that appears by tapping the clip icon in the video. You will then be able to add a title to the short video you trimmed and share it on any platform. Thus, your followers on all social media platforms will have the chance to browse your video in a much shorter way.


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