Twitch Error 2000; What Is It And How To Fix It


Twitch: An hour or so ago, we told you that Twitch was down, but in a rather strange way. And it is that the logical thing when a platform, online service or application falls is that it cannot be used or opened, but nevertheless you can open Twitch, you can broadcast and you can even use the chat of a live broadcast.

But for whatever reason, you can’t see the actual video of a live broadcast.

How to fix Twitch Error 2000

In the news we told you that after seeing in DownDetector that the service had problems, we tried to open some streams on Twitch to make sure, one of them being the popular Ibai Llanos, that all this caught him broadcasting a direct.

And it is he from his Twitter who tells us how to fix it with a ‘patch’ of those. The solution is to use a particular web browser. According to Ibai:

How to download Opera and activate the VPN function
Download the Opera browser (if you don’t have it installed)
Install it and open it
Look for the Settings option, it is the icon of the vertical lines that is to the right of the URL address bar.
Open it to access the Easy Setup settings menu
Scroll down until you find the Privacy and Security block
Look inside it for the VPN function and activate it. With this you will activate a virtual private network and you will be able to bypass the blockade that is now in Twitch.


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