Twitch Dominates Streaming Market After Mixer Shutdown


Twitch, which attracted broadcasters and users to their ranks after the shutdown of its biggest rival Microsoft Mixer, held 91 percent of the entire game streaming market in the third quarter of 2020.

Twitch, the world’s most used live streaming platform, began to dominate the game live streaming market after its rival Microsoft closed Mixer. Twitch, owned by Amazon, holds 91 percent of the live video game streaming market in the third quarter of 2020.

In a report published by Logitech’s Streamlabs, which allows you to broadcast on live streaming platforms including Twitch, Twitch seems to be overwhelming among many platforms that allow you to watch online video games. We saw that Microsoft tried to redirect users to Facebook Gaming when it closed Mixer, but according to the latest report, both viewers and streamers seem to prefer Twitch again.

How did Twitch paint in the third quarter of 2020?

Twitch platform, which brought many innovations after the acquisition of Amazon for $ 842 million in 2014, also showed high success in the third quarter of 2020. Some of the highlights in the published report are:

The creators broadcast 206 million hours in the third quarter. This is a new record and 96 percent higher than the previous quarter.
Users watched 4.7 billion hours of video on Twitch this quarter. An 8 percent lower rate compared to the second quarter, when coronavirus measures kept more people at home.
Facebook Gaming had a 3.4 percent share of live video game broadcasts in the third quarter.
YouTube Gaming had a 6 percent share of live video game streams in the third quarter.
Mixer had 14 percent of the live stream in the second quarter before it was shut down.

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Twitch also regained the great streamers that it lost to Mixer in the process. This process, in which Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has started broadcasting on Twitch again, continues to be very positive for Amazon.


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