Twitch cooking streamer blows chat away with insane guitar solo


During the broadcast on Twitch, the culinary streamer Henlips1 surprised the audience by performing an amazing guitar solo.

A comedian and musician, Henry Phillips has many talents, one of which is cooking. It is noteworthy that he shares his latest passion on the Internet through the YouTube page — Henry Phillips — and the Twitch channel — Henlips 1.

Phillips’ viewers on Twitch usually tune in to “Henry’s Kitchen,” a show in which a talented streamer gives cooking lessons.

Nevertheless, from time to time Phillips pulls out a guitar and surprises those present with skills that many did not expect.

Twitch streamer’s gorgeous guitar solo surprised the audience
During a recent broadcast on Twitch, Henry Phillips impressed viewers with an electric guitar solo that they won’t soon forget.

“Henry Van Halen,” someone wrote in the chat while Phillips was gnawing on his guitar. “He plays guitar as well as he cooks,” another person commented.

Meanwhile, several dozen other viewers filled the chat with expletives, which clearly expressed their general shock.

Those who watched the cooking stream were particularly stunned by Phillips’ ability to play the iconic guitar riff from the Guns N’ Roses song “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

Obviously, Henlips1 viewers join the show for cooking lessons, but stay to hear the Twitch streamer’s unexpected guitar solos. One way or another, it would seem that most people appreciate the content.

Phillips also casually gives helpful tips during his cooking streams. In one recent case, a cook and a comedian told a chat that wearing safety glasses while cutting onions is the best way to prevent unwanted tears.

It is unknown what kind of jewelry will appear on Henry Kitsch next time.


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