Twitch Co-founder’s Discord Gets Hacked And Users Fall For NFT Scam


Last week Justin Kan, a co-founder of Twitch, launched an NFT buying and selling platform called Fractal. A server was created in Discord so that users could interact, and it was precisely there that hundreds of people were victims of a scam.

A link was posted on Kan’s server ad channel, making the whole thing look quite legitimate. The post promised a drop of 3,333 NFTs and, when clicking, the site asked to send 1 Sol, Solana’s token. At the time of the coup, each Sol was worth approximately 187 dollars (about R$1063).

According to reporter Zach Bussey, one of the bots used on Fractal’s Discord server was compromised, allowing hackers to publish even in channels reserved for the moderation team. After the attackers’ action, Kan went to Twitter to comment on what happened and explain that his team is working to reimburse the victims.

In all, the group managed to trick 373 server users, who together purchased 3294 non-fungible tokens. As the coup plotters required sending 1 Sol to guarantee the sale of the NFTs, the victims together lost a total of approximately 800 Sol — about US$150,000.

The Twitch co-founder’s team published a note explaining what had happened, promising to “fix” the situation by returning the lost money to the victims.