Twitch Claims Sensitive User Data Has Not Been Compromised


Twitch: Yesterday (06), Twitch suffered a major data leak that revealed various information about its streamers and the platform itself. In order to reassure the public, the company issued a statement assuring that sensitive user data, such as passwords and card numbers, were not affected.

“So far there are no indications that login credentials have been exposed,” the company said in a post released today on its blog. The platform claims that full credit card numbers have not been exposed as “they are not stored by Twitch”.

For security reasons, the company reset the transmission keys of all streamers, requiring access to the platform to obtain a new authorization code. The information was revealed by the company in an email sent this morning.

The gaming giant’s team is still investigating what may have led to the massive information leak. Altogether more than 125 GB of data were released that could have been obtained because of an error in a configuration change on the platform’s servers.

The leaker reportedly exposed the information on 4chan in response to Twitch’s mismanagement of bot issues, hate speech and attacking along with abusive content across multiple channels.


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