Twitch Chat: See commands to use in platform conversations


Twitch TV is a streaming platform available for PC and web and for download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS). Each channel on the platform has a chat in which users can chat during the live broadcast. Channel owners and moderators have access to some commands that serve to facilitate the supervision of the chat during the live. In addition, normal users can also use some features in chat. Below are the main chat commands for Twitch TV.

Normal users
It is important to mention that the list of commands is extensive, and can be checked in full on the platform’s support website (

/ mods: this command shows the list of all moderators on the channel. It is useful to contact a moderator directly to ask questions about the rules of the channel you are watching.
/ block: with this command, you can block any user of the channel in the chat. Therefore, all messages from that user will no longer appear in your chat. In addition, the blocked user will no longer be able to send you private messages.
/ w: using this command, you can send a private message to any user in the chat. Just type the command in the chat, entering the username and the message you want to send separated by a space.

/ timeout: with this command, moderators suspend users for a short period of time. To use it, enter the command and write the username next to it. The default suspend time is 10 minutes, but can be modified by entering the amount of time (in seconds) next to the username you want to suspend.
/ ban: when using this command, the moderator can permanently ban someone from the channel, being better used on users who have committed more serious infractions. Enter the command and enter the name of the user you want to ban next.
/ slow: with this command, moderators can limit the frequency with which users can send messages in the chat. It is widely used on channels with a high number of viewers. To use it, enter the command and enter the number of seconds that users must wait before sending another message.

/ mod: With this command, the streamer can grant moderator status to a user on the channel. Just write the user’s name next to the command.
/ raid: you can raid another channel that is broadcasting. It is necessary to type the name of the channel next to the command. After confirming, all users who are in your transmission will be sent to the channel inserted in the command.
/ commercial: this is the command to transmit a commercial during the broadcast. Advertisements are one of the forms of monetization that exist on Twitch TV. You can choose the duration of the commercial, which can be 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 seconds, being necessary to enter the number of seconds next to the command.


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