Twitch begins to explain banning reasons for streamers


Twitch officially announced this week, on August 9th, that it will finally go on to explain the reasons for temporary bans for streamers. The news was disclosed through a tweet, made by the platform’s official account on the social network.

The post informs that the change is already in effect, saying that now the temporary bans will be accompanied by information with the content and date of the infraction. The tweet also accompanies an example, showing that the information is actually much better detailed for the offender.

Temporary bans have already been a source of much controversy at Twitch precisely because of the platform’s lack of transparency. Giant streamers could be suspended for days and then not be able to explain to your audience why this happened. User reviews pointed to the possibility of bans being made without further explanation for the platform to maintain some kind of arbitrariness in decisions.

It is little wonder that this very basic information being displayed today took about ten years to implement. Twitch was founded in 2011 and bought by Amazon in 2014, but only now has the platform decided that it’s fair to explain in detail to a content creator the reasons for a ban.


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