Twitch Banned World Famous Football Player Neymar Jr.


Twitch channel of PSG and Brazil’s world-famous star Neymar Jr. was banned. Although it is not yet known why Neymar was banned from Twitch, the famous football player seems to have to take a break from broadcasts for a while.

Twitch, which is the most popular live streaming service in the world, especially when it comes to games, has many popular broadcasters. Perhaps the most famous broadcaster on Twitch is Brazilian football player Neymar Jr., who is known to football fans all over the world.

Named by many football authorities as the world’s third talented footballer right after CR7 and Messi, Neymar’s Twitch career, unfortunately, did not last long and Twitch banned the star footballer’s channel.

It is unknown whether Neymar will return to Twitch

It is currently unknown why Neymar was banned from Twitch. The estimates are that Neymar was stuck with music copyright during broadcasts and his channel was shut down due to license violation. However, no official statement has been made yet.

When you are currently logged into Neymar’s Twitch channel, he said, “Sorry. If you don’t have a time machine, this content is no longer available. ” You encounter the warning. It is not yet known whether Neymar will be able to return to Twitch.

When we visit the website, we see that Neymar was banned 13 hours ago. Currently, it is not known whether Neymar is banned permanently or temporarily, so there is no information about when the channel will open.

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